Photographer and Tour Host - James Cowie

      James is a third generation photographer with a passion for sharing the art of capturing images through adventure travel.  Exploring unique destinations around the globe, affords his guests wonderful photographic opportunities, and interesting ways to learn more about photography.  James has thirty-eight years of experience in the photo industry, and coupled with his travel skills, each guest will enjoy an enriching experience while expanding their photographic knowledge, skills and the art of observation. 

     James' number one belief is to have fun with your camera.  The more comfortable and relaxed you are when out on an adventure, the better your powers of observation, resulting in more exciting images.  With James' knowledge of the areas visited along with his sense of humour, you will find yourself looking at what is out there in a different light.  You will come home with great memories, new friends and amazing images to share with family and friends.

     James is well versed in Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and many other photo management programs, and works with both MAC and PC computers. One on one time is always available to our photographers during our tours.

     Photo Tour Trekkers has now partnered with Tourcan Vacations one of Canada's premiere travel companies. This has opened many more travel opportunities for our photographers and guests.

     “Over the past years we have shared many locations, traveling to South Africa, Sedona, Scotland, Death Valley, San Francisco, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Monument Valley, New York City, Istanbul, Turkey, Greece, the Greek Islands, Galapagos and Polar Bear Adventures.  I look forward to sharing the many places this world has to offer and invite you to join me on one of our future journeys."     


 Photographer - Dave Chidley - Western Canada 

      I would like to introduce my long time friend and co-host on some of my Photo Treks, Dave Chidley.  Dave has travelled with me over the years sharing his passion for photography and his unique way of getting you excited about capturing images.  

     As of mid 2018 we are pleased that Dave will be representing Photo Tour Trekkers western division based in Calgary, Alberta. Dave will be hosting tours, conducting workshops as he works with photographers in the western regions of Canada.

 Dave's view on Photography and Travel ...

      Travel and photography for me, has always been synonymous.  As a professional photographer, working mostly in the journalism world I've had tremendous opportunities to travel, meet people and photograph memorable experiences.  Those three decades of work experience is a natural stepping-stone to my involvement with Photo Tour Trekkers.  Working with people, photographing some amazing experience and sharing our collective knowledge is what Trekkers is all about.

     I always say that if you aren't having fun doing something, than it's not worth doing.  The trips that I've co-hosted have been a blast.  We learn, we challenge, share and laughed.  What more could anyone want during an adventure away.  I'm a firm believer in the concept of Photo Tour Trekkers, if I wasn't I would not be involved.

     I've been teaching photography for many years to all sorts of groups and abilities, from camera clubs, to high school classes, to university and college courses.  You won't find a more enjoyable way to learn than with a like-minded group, while witnessing some of nature's most spectacular destinations.

     Hopefully we can have the opportunity to travel together some time in the near future.  My bags are packed.


Photographers - Deb and Bill Hall 

     It is with great pleasure to introduce you to my friends and travel companions, photographers Deb and Bill Hall.  Photography is a pastime that they have enjoyed together for many years. Bill got his first camera at age 14 and photography has been his passion ever since.  Deb's move beyond the world of snap shots came soon after they met.  She figured that taking photographs had to be better than just lugging Bill's equipment around, and soon turning into a passion for her as well.  They told me that if it didn't make them sound so old, they'd admit to having over 80 years of experience between them.

Deb and Bill's thoughts on joining the team as tour hosts ...

     We are thrilled to be joining the Photo Tour Trekkers team.  Over the years, we loved sharing our travel experiences through audio-visual presentations, thus encouraging people to get out to photograph and travel (be it near or far).  We are really excited to now share our photo / travel experience with you first hand.

     Our love of travel regularly takes us to destinations in Canada, the U.S.A. and abroad, both as independent travellers and on organized tours.  Both types of travel can offer a rewarding experience.  The advantage of travelling with a group of photographers is the fun and satisfaction you will have while sharing your experiences and improving your photographic skills through the exchange of ideas and techniques.  Our knowledge of digital processes and experience teaching photo workshops, allows us to offer one-on-one coaching for those seeking a little extra help while on tour.

     Join us for a fun and well-balanced travel experience, regardless of your photographic skill.  We look forward to traveling with you on an unforgettable photography adventure.

                                                                                       Deb and Bill

Photographer - Len Silvester
    Len entered the world of professional photography in action and sports nearly 20 years ago. Capturing images of Motocross, IHRA Drag Racing, Indy Cart Racing, Formula One, PGA and various other assignments throughout North America. With over a million shutter clicks in action packed sports photography his skills have been fine tuned to be ready for any action! In 1998, he began to dedicate more time to Dog Sports photography and it quickly became his passion. Fast forwardthirteen years later and archived over two million photos of incredible canines in action playing and competing in Agility, Sheep Herding, Flyball Racing, Disc Dog, Dock Diving and many more canine events at venue across North America and Europe. 
     In contrast to the non stop action of sports and canine photography Len has always enjoyed photography in natural settings looking for wildlife. In their natural setting a moose in Algonquin Park, a wolf pack in Yellowstone or a majestic Snowy Owl in Ontario can be shared with others through the magic of photography.
Note from Len ...
     With the rapid growth of digital photography and who it has given more people the opportunity to capture memories I have become very passionate about sharing my knowledge from behind the lens. Helping others get past the complex equipment and to think more about the vision, slow down and take in the moment. Sharing the passion has become very rewarding experience for me. I look forward to sharing a Trekkers experience with you in the future.

 Photographer - Harry Cartner

     Harry has been involved in the world of photography all his life. He is the founder of Country Images Camera Club in Newmarket, Ontario, a founding member of the Photo Essay Group (Toronto), a former member of Toronto Focal Forum Print Group and an Honorary Life Member of the Toronto Guild for Photographic Art (now the Toronto Digital Photo Club). Harry is currently a member of the London Camera Club and Forest City Photography Guild.

    Harry has won numerous awards both locally and internationally. His work has been published in a number of books as well as magazines and calendars. He has served on numerous judging panels as well as judged International Salons. Harry also leads photographic workshops, digital photography workshops, and photographic tours. He as also travelled extensively around the world.

     Harry hosts our annual Franklin Island Workshops located just north of Parry Sound. Harry has been hosting workshops in this region for 10 plus years. We are proud to have him as part of our team. 

 Photographer - Alayne Brisson

 We are pleased to have Alayne join Photo Tour Trekkers team.  Alayne has been interested in photography all her life, picking up her first camera in her early teens. Over the past 20 years building her knowledge behind the lens as well as in post-processing. Her photography skills and love to teach and share experiences make for the perfect combination for Trekkers workshops and photo tours.

Alayne has presented and taught workshops to camera clubs as well as her involvement with youth and photography. Her philosophy is easy ... "To learn your camera, you need to use it"  She has traveled with other photographers assisting them to create and learn as they travel. The end result amazing images and lasting friendships. Alayne's work has been displayed in gallery shows and sold through galleries. She is currently a member and the past-president of the Tillsonburg Photography Club.  Alayne will be hosting several photo workshops throughout Southwestern Ontario this fall and is working on new weekend photo excursion opportunities. 


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