South of England Blog August 16th, 2015

August 20, 2015 at 8:55 PM

Sunday August 16th: Chippen Campden, Moreton on the Marsh & Burton on the Water

We spent our last day visiting these three beautiful towns located in the Cotswolds. Each one with unique houses and town centres. At each location the group were free to explore and photograph within the towns.

We finished in Burton on the Water this afternoon. There were quite a few people visiting the town as it is know for it’s shops and beautiful parks.  

We have now reached the end of our South of England tour and tomorrow morning will make our way back to London, Gatwick for our mid day flight home to Canada. We hope you have enjoyed the blog during our tour and thank you for following along. Trekkers departs for Kenya and Tanzania, Africa in September so make sure to check back and follow along as we embark on another amazing photo adventure.

Enjoy the selection of our last days images while visiting the South of England.

Stairway and garden entrance in Chippen Campden this morning


The streets of Chippen Campden 


Such a beautiful town, just like stepping out of a picture book


Another street view


The pathway leading up to St. James Cathedral


Everywhere you looked was a picture


This is a nice way of saying this way to the toilets


I came across this today, any relation Val W?


The streets got pretty quite when church started


Another scenic street view thought that first arch is a beautiful public garden


This is the gardens


Leading up the garden path!!


St. James Cathedral, there must have been a wedding here yesterday


Row houses each house doors had two addresses, main floor and upper


Eight Bells eating establishment, so many flowers


Joyce looking as beautiful as the flowers


One of the many town markets


Great artistic shot by Jette Collins in Moreton on the March today


Ray as they visited a miniature village in Burton on the Water, thanks Jette Collins for the shot


The final village today was Burton on the Water, thanks Tammy Beveridge for the shots


A garden cafe, tea anyone?


This is a family pub where some of us had lunch today, thanks again Tammy for the shot


Another street cafe in Burton on the Water, image by Tammy Beveridge


And our final blog shot a B&W image of St. James Cathedral located in Chippen Campden


That's it for our South of England Blog ... the group departs from London Gatwick tomorrow. We return to Canada with many great images and experiences from our visit to the South of England.  A special thanks to our coach driver David Fox for all your help during our visit and it was a pleasure to work with you again on this tour. And of thank you to everyone that followed our tour via the blog. 

Check back in September as Trekkers departs for Kenya and Tanzania for our next photo adventure. Good night from the group on our last night here in the South of England.





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Posted by james on
Due to a server failure on August 19th, 2015 we have had to restore the last 5 days of our England Blog. This was done as of August 20th, 2015 so you can see all the great places we experienced while on our tour, but unfortunately all the blog comments were lost. We apologize to all the folk that took time to leave comments while we were on tour as we appreciate hearing from home as we travel. Thanks James
Posted by Kelly on
I just had a chance to catch up on the blog. Looks like you all had a great time and this sees you coming home with many great photos.
Posted by Val W on
Thanks for including the photo of the "Woodward House". Unfortunately not the one in my heritage, but similar area. That house was in Cirencester and was a row house with front door opening on to the pavement (sidewalk for Canadians!). Looked very similar to one of the later photos in the blog.

Enjoyed following along. Some of the earlier photos were very familiar as areas I lived in or visited as a child. Seems a little strange that these are tourist destinations.
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