Madagascar Day 3

September 11, 2019 at 12:22 AM


Madagascar Day 3
Antsirabe to Ranomafana National Park

This morning we departed for Ranomafana. A national park and rainforest which is home to various species of lemurs such as the golden bamboo lemurs, brown lemurs, birds, chameleons, and frogs. We also made a spot in Ambositra for the visit of some Zafimaniry handicrafts centre to visit a craft show where a gentlemen makes minutes bikes out of recycled items. We then carried out to Rabamafana National Park, making several small village stops on the on way.  Situated in the southeastern region of Madagascar and filled with rare and exotic fauna and flora, Rabamafana National Park covers 41600-plus hectares of tropical rainforest that make up one of Madagascar’s most popular, and spectacular, national parks: Ranomafana National Park. Established to conserve this unique biodiversity (and subsequently declared a World Heritage Site in 2007), the Ranomafana National Park is home to twelve species of lemur, one of which is the critically endangered golden bamboo lemur, discovered here in 1986. Tonight when we arrived at the park we did a night walk which was very rewarding for photos including a chance to photograph the Mouse Lemur. The smallest of all lemurs. Enjoy todays gallery of images.

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Posted by Bonnie on
Awesome pics. Hey James, see if mom will bring me home a lemur. Looks like everyone is have a great time. Love the pic of the children ❤️
Posted by Stacey Harris on
Looks like another beautiful day. Think one of those mouse lemurs should be easy enough to get home Dad, Zoe would just love it!
Posted by Christine Yao on
Beautiful photos. The pictures of the children are awesome!
Posted by Heather Moffatt on
Great photos again! I'm wondering if those larva-looking things were a snack for anyone?
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