Trekkers Photography Quiz Challenge ...

1. The aperture is the opening through which the camera gets its view. What "f-stop" aperture setting of the following is the largest?


2. The shutter and aperture of the digital camera control the amount of light. What shutter speed setting will make the picture darkest?


3. The ISO setting measures the sensitivity of the image sensor in the camera. What ISO setting is used for the highest sensitivity?


4. An automatic digital camera often uses modes. What mode setting would you best use when you use a tripod and take scenic pictures outside during a vacation?


5. The aperture, the shutter speed and the sensitivity are all a part of the so-called exposure triangle. On the digital camera, what component ensures these settings will result in a properly exposed picture?


6. In manual mode, light meter readings can be a negative or positive value. A negative value on the light meter indicates what type of exposure for a photograph?


7. Digital cameras often have an automatic setting for white balance. What is the color temperature range for the AWB setting for most photographic conditions?


8. What type of digital camera lens setting do you use for a long focal length to your subject?


9. Lens have different focal lengths. What is the zoom lens called when it maintains focus with a change in focal length?


10. Now we need to focus the camera. What focusing method is best for static subjects such as still life and landscapes?