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November 04, 2015 at 2:09 AM

November 2nd and November 3rd, 2015 - Arrived in Sacred Valley

After two days of travelling we have reached Sacred Valley and enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and photography. We flew early this morning from Lima to Cusco were we me our local guide Fidel, who I have had the pleasure of working with before. It was great to see him and again and it did not take long for him to settle in with our group.

Driving into Sacred Valley today we reached heights of 13,500 feet and with little or no wind we were able to make many mountain pass stops along the way. We also visited a Lama exhibit enroute to valley today, and a local market. It was a great day all round.

We had a ancient traditional Peru lunch today that consisted of pork, chicken and salmon. The meats along with sweet potatoes, yellow potatoes and beans were buried in a hot pit of rocks and cooked slowly in the ground. It was a delicious lunch.

Tomorrow we continue with our touring in Sacred Valley. Enjoy a selection of images from our first day in Peru.

A last look over Cusco as we head out to Sacred Valley


Roadside market close by one of the Inca ruins we photographed today, Laura looking at a blanket


Peru grandmother, her 5 month old grand daughter and her baby lamb, nice hat ... on the lamb


Our group posing with the local ladies and their lamas


Another one of the local ladies ... how has the better smile???


Another shot of grandma and her grand daughter


I think this lama needs her roots done


John and Bonnie getting a couple of shots as we walked along the path


How's this for a pose?


A wild Chinchilla close to the lama pends today


Weaving in traditional outfit


Some of the dyed wools done with natural ingredients


This region is also know for its cornĀ 


Our first view into Sacred Valley


Andrew capturing a shot in the market place this afternoon


Local lady walking to market


Andrew posing with two local ladies and a lamb


A selection of wools at the local market


I purchased a cd from this market vendor and he played a song for us


The chef and his assistant digging up our prepared lunch today. Hot rocks where used to cook the meal


Dinner is ready to be served


Lunch table prepared and ready for our photographer guests


Last shot of today, our group enjoyed a great meal


That's it for this evening, good night from all of us in Sacred Vally.


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Posted by Mary Rae on
Hi James,
Wonderful set of photos!I particularly loved the view of Sacred Valley....just so beautiful..... but then, I'm more than a little partial to mountain vistas.
You mentioned that you reached heights of 13,500 feet. Did you find it harder to breathe at those altitudes?
Posted by Claudia on
Looks like the beginning of another amazing tour. Beautiful pictures! Keep them coming.
Posted by ruth anne on
looks beautiful and everyone looks like they are having a lot fun say hi to Andrew for me
Posted by James on
Hi Mary - It was not too bad. A few said committed when we walked up a couple of pathways they felt a little short of breath but for the most part not at all. We are currently in Sacred Valley which is at 9,800 feet. So you adjust to it after a day or so.
Posted by CL on
I am glad to see my cousin GG got there in one piece! It looks spectacular. The photos are so colorful!

Did you see any of the llamas spitting?

What sort of critter was that little furry thing that sort of looks like a rabbit?
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