Galapagos Islands 2018 Blog

December 12, 2018 at 11:46 PM


Photo Tour Trekkers depart for our Galapagos Islands 2018 photo tour. You are invited to check back over the next 10 days as we tour the city of Quito for two days then fly out to the Islands for our 8-day private island cruise aboard our ship. As with all our tours we love to hear from you as we travel so please leave a comment or two on our blog. 

2018 Galapagos Blog Day 10 Our final day in Galapagos - Click to read

2018 Galapagos Blog Day Nine San Cristobal & Punta Pitt - Click to read

2018 Galapagos Blog Day Eight Espanola & Albatross - Click to read

2018 Galapagos Blog Day Seven Floriana & a Dolphin Video - Click to read

2018 Galapagos Blog Day Six Santa Cruz & Giant Tortoises - Click to read

2018 Galapagos Blog Day Five Volcano Hike Bartolome - Click to read

2018 Galapagos Blog Day Four The Island of Genovesa - Click to read

2018 Galapagos Blog Day Three Arrival in the Islands - Click to read

 2018 Galapagos Blog Quito Day One & Two - Click to read


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