Galapagos 2018 Blog Day 7

December 18, 2018 at 5:40 AM

GAL18-345 Map S.jpg

Galapagos Map showing tonights sailing.


Welcoming committee ... baby sea lion on the beach.

Galapagos Islands Blog Day 7 the Island of Floreana

We have now reached the southern islands of the Galapagos and have dropped anchor early this morning in one of the lagoons off the island of Floreana. After an early breakfast, we landed on the sandy green olivine beach of the island. This morning we will photograph along the beach, the inner brackish waters of the flamingo bay then hike over to the white sands of the eastern part of the island. It is very interest that on one side of the island the sand is green as a result of the olivine crystals found everywhere from the ancient volcanic activities. Then when you go to the other side of the island it is white powered sand from crustaceans, corals, shells etc. It was a very interesting morning many photographs including sea tortoises swimming all along the white sand shoreline.

We returned to our ship for lunch as our ship sailed to Post Office Bay located on the other side of the island. Post Office Bay was made famous as sea mariners left letters for home as their ships passed the bay. Other ships stopped and picked up letters that were on route to their destination. Everyone wrote out postcards as it is now a tradition to sort through the postcards and find ones that are close to home and take them when you leave the island. They the ones you leave behind are sorted by the next group that visit the island and return them to you. It was fun and will be interesting to see how many make it home to the group.

When we returned to our ship we dropped the kayaks into the water and several of the group took them out for a paddle along the shoreline. As I said at the beginning of tonight's blog, another great day in the Galapagos. Overnight we will sail to Floriana as you can see on the above map. That’s a wrap for this evening, please click on the link below to see all of the photos from today's adventure. 

** Please note the first image after the map in the gallery is a Video of Dolphins swimming along our ship today.

Click here to see today's Gallery of Images from Day 7 of our tour:



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