India Tour 2012

November 16, 2012 at 10:17 PM

Incredible India Photo Tour Blog - Nov 18th to Dec 1st, 2012


The Photo Tour Trekkers depart Sunday November 18th for our Incredible India Photo Tour. You are invited to join James and the Trekkers as they explore India a country rich with custom and colour.  Check back each day starting on Sunday the 18th as we post images and reports of our photo trek through india, the links to each days post will be listed below and on the side bar.  Don't forget to post your comments we love to hear from you.

India Photo Tour - New Delhi Day One Tuesday Nov 20, 2012

India Photo Tour - Pushkar Day Two & Three Nov 21 & 22, 2012

India Photo Tour - Jaipur Day Four & Five Nov 23 & 24, 2012

India Photo Tour - Ranthambhore Day Six Nov 25, 2012

India Photo Tour - Bird Sanctuary Day 7 & 8 Nov 26 & 27th,2012

India Photo Tour - Taj Mahal Day 9 & 10 Nov 28th & 29th, 2012

India Photo Tour - Amsterdam Day 11 Dec 01st, 2012


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Posted by Greg Post on
Have a great trip, I'll be following along.
Posted by Kelly Foster on
Safe Travels, I'm looking forward to the blog.
Posted by Glenda on
Have a splendid journey folks. I look forward to the wonderful photos.
Posted by Bob on
Have a great trip Tom, and travel safe.

Posted by Jessica on
Enjoy your trip folks, can't wait to see the first images.

Posted by Lorna on
Have a great time everyone. Looking forward to seeing the images.
Posted by Helen on
Safe travel James, I will be following the blog.
Posted by Ron on
Wishing you all a safe travel, and many great photos.
Posted by Lynn on
Have a great trip Debbie! I'll be with you every step of the way.
Do not repeat my Vancouver adventure. Love, Lynn
Posted by June on
Posted by Ross on
Enjoy your next two weeks... I'm sure there will be sights and scenery that will keep those shutters busy and gigabytes of storage consumed... Have a safe and enjoyable trip you all!!
Posted by Erika on
Wishing you perfect Weather and many photographic memories. Looking forward to following your trip
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Have a bloody amazing trip and keep your batteries charged. Carpe diem!
Posted by Rody on
Hey Ho's
I will look after things. I suspect that jet lag has set in.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Have a great trip. Patti & Ela, try to keep Rob out of trouble, ya right, LOL Looking forward to the photos.
Posted by Dave on
Wow, lots of posts already! You are going to have to post lots of photos for us James. I wish I was there to help!

To all the Trekkers:
-may your Batteries last
-may the Elephant you ride, not be a Rodeo perfomer
-hope your Imodium not be required
-hopefully James' humour will keep the camels calm
-may the moon shine brightly over the Taj Mahal
-and if you see a Tiger, hopefully it isn't full frame through a 24mm lens.

Have a great trip, and a great shoot.

-Dave Chidley, Trekker

PS the latest news from the home front, Novaks is closing!!
Posted by Michelle Douglas on
Dear Shirley
enjoy your time Squirrelly and we miss already
Love Michelle and Amy
Posted by Michelle in china on
Franny & Hisself
Have some fun. K?
Posted by Dear Marcy on
All is well at home. Hope your adventure is off to a smooth start!
Love Glenn

PS. Don't take all the great pictures, leave some for everyone else!
Posted by Nancy on
Hope you are enjoying the trip. Look forward to following it with you. Love, Nancy
Posted by nick on
How's India enjoy the ride Looking forward to posts.

Posted by Cynthia on
All well on the home front. Mom settled and great.
Have a ball. Love Sandy and Jim
Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Have a good trip Jamie, looking forward to your blog and fabulous photos.
Love, Mom
Posted by Denis Doré on
Have a good and nice trip and don't remember we still alive Debby
Happy Denis
Posted by Paul Kurowski on

How was your elefant ride?

Posted by ejunuqjacayuc on -
Posted by Luciabup on
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