Galapagos 2018 Blog Day 9

December 20, 2018 at 5:28 AM

GAL18-466 s map.jpg

Galapagos map showing our sailing this evening.


Lava lizard having lunch at Punta Point today.

Galapagos Islands Blog Day 9 the Island of San Cristobal & Punta Pitt

We arrived early this morning at Punta Point located on San Cristobal Island. Even through this island is inhabited the only way to reach this region is by ship. We transferred to the beach via our zodiacs and made a wet landing. After drying off we put on our hiking shoes and headed up into the centre of what is often called Little Grand Canyon. It’s a 7 on the difficulty scale but an easy climb and the view and landscape are rewarding. As far as you can see ancient volcanic rock has formed the ever eroding landscape. This is the only other island in the Galapagos and at this location you can see Red footed booby birds. If you were to stand at the coastal point and look due north approximately 80 miles is Genovesa and thus why the birds are also located here. Similar landscape and remote region. 

Late this morning we sailed around the island to a white sand beach area called Ochao beach near Kicker Rock. This area is a giant collapsed caldera, Kicker Rock is part of the collapsed peak and most of the remains have sank into the bay. A beautiful area. Tonight will be our farewell dinner and toast to the crew as tomorrow is our last day on the ship. Tonight we will sail into the San Cristobal port so no movement this evening. Enjoy todays selection of images by clicking on the gallery link below. 

Click here to see today’s Gallery of Images from Day 9 of our tour:



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