Galapagos 2018 Blog Day 6

December 17, 2018 at 4:35 AM

GAL18-293 Map B.jpg

Map showing tonights sailing to the island of Floreanna.

GAL18-294 B.jpg

A curious Galapagos Fly Catcher.

Galapagos Islands Blog Day 6 Santa Cruz and the Giant Tortoises

Early this morning we anchored in the Santa Cruz harbour to visit one of the three locations on the islands you will find that is inhabited with people. This morning we walked on the main street along the shoreline past the fish market to visit the Darwin Research Centre. 

The Darwin Research Centre is responsible for working with the island nature specialists to study and work on the continuing breeding of the land and sea tortoises. Their research goes much further than that studying birds, insects and how species interact with each other and how to prevent species that are introduced by accident from taking over the natural habitat of the island birds and animals. While at the centre we also visited the exhibit that is dedicated to Lonesome George who was the last of his species. He was from Pinto one of the northern islands of the Galapagos and when he died so did his species. They have used a taxidermist to preserve him for people to see. 

After lunch we took a motor coach into the highlands to see the giant tortoises in the wild. It was amazing to see these gentle giants. While in the highlands we visited a few of the many lava tunnels that are located all over the highlands. Another amazing day of photography in the Galapagos. To see today’s collection of images, please click on the gallery link below.

Click here to see todays Gallery of Images from Day 6 of our tour



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