Galapagos 2018 Blog Day 4

December 15, 2018 at 7:11 AM

GAL18-159 Maps.jpg

Map showing our saliing this evening from Genovesa south, crossing the equator.

GAL18-158 BM.jpg

The Red Footed Booby and the main reason for visiting Genovesa.

Galapagos Islands Blog Day 4 The Island of Genovesa

After sailing through the night we arrived in the bay of the island of Genovesa. This is one of the northern islands of the Galapagos and one of the main islands we like to travel to on our tours as it’s one of only two remote locations you can see and photograph the Red Footed Booby. We were not disappointed as there were thousands all within a short walk on the trail.  

When we arrived in the morning and dropped anchor we started our day of photography and exploring by ascending Prince Phillips steps to the top of the cliffs surrounding the bay. The steps were named after a visit from Prince Phillip years ago. I might also add the cliffs that surround the deep protected bay are a result of a collapsed caldera. 

This mornings hike we are looking for the short eared owl. Owls are usually nocturnal but on Genovesa they are the top of the food chain with no predator so they hunt during the day. The hunt storm petrels a small bird found in the tens of thousands on the island living in the small caves of lava rock. The lava rock by the way also makes it a challenge to find the owls as they blend in with the colour of the landscape. Once you find them, they are a beautiful bird. We returned to the ship and after lunch we made a wet landing on the beach to explore the mangrove brush along the trails to find more of the red footed booby. It was a rewarding hike.

We set sail at 8 pm this evening for our next island, Bartolomé. We will arrive around 4 a.m. drop anchor and at sunrise take the hike up approximately 365 steps to the top of the now dormant volcano. That’s a wrap for this evening, check back tomorrow as our adventure continues. To see a gallery of images from todays adventure please click on the link below.

Click here to see todays Gallery of Images from Day 4 of our tour



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