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November 05, 2015 at 5:43 AM

Wednesday November 4th, 2015 - Sacred Valley

Today we photographed and explored several locations within Sacred Valley. First thing this morning we hiked the region around the salt pans. This is an region in the mountains that natural spring water heavy with salt content is used to form salt pans and then the salt is harvested as the water evaporates. We then visited the Moray circular farm rings and the ancient Inka ruins. This evening we held our welcome dinner and enjoyed getting to know each other and a great meal. 

Tomorrow we board the train and head up to Machu Picchu. So more great images to follow. In the mean time enjoy todays selection of images.

View of the Andies mountain range and some of the high altitude farm land


Big sky shot as we stopped on our way to the salt pans


Andrew stopped to capture a few shots of the sheepM15P-29.jpg

Dave taking the first few shots of the and flats


The view looking down into the salt pans


This little baby was at her mothers stall at the salt pans


A wide view looking down into the valley


This is the small spring the feeds the salt pans


John capturing a few shots of the salt pans


The pathways can get narrow, watch your footing real close


Who is that masked photographer???


Village life high in the mountains


Village lady out gathering up her packages for the day


We took some time and walked up some of the side streets


Bonnie trying to find a cell signal should we tell her to look up!


Moray ring farms


Gweneth enjoying the scenery


Bonnie pinching the mountain tops ... uh Bonnie, no forget it


Interesting view of a controlled burn


A small church within the hotel walls where we had lunch today


Streets inside the hotel walls where we had lunch today


A local lady making a throw rug


This wall art was inside the hotel grounds ... just for you CV


Bonnie feeding a lama


Our final stop today the ancient Inka ruins within the village


This gives you and idea of how high the Inka's lived


Even though he is on holiday, and being a Fireman in London, Dave supervised the hose rolling


John giving some gifts to the local children


This gentleman was taking a few minutes to rest and watch the world go by


This is a new attraction or I should say hotel in Sacred Valley, you climb up by ladder and get down by zip line. Can you see the three pods up .... way up


And our last image for this evening is a close up of the pods


That's it for this evening. Keep in touch as tomorrow we leave for Machu and Pichu, more image tomorrow night. Good night from Sacred Valley in Peru.


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Posted by CL on
Wow those salt pans are amazing. GG, I guess you will not be trying the zip line descent? I hope your new boots are serving you well!
Posted by Claudia Viani on
Amazing....again! Thank you for bike pic, inspiration for my garden.
Posted by Joe Pember and Dean on
Wow! What amazing views. Love to be there with you. I want to see the Guthrie girls on the zip line.
Posted by Mary Rae on
Another great set of photos!I enjoy seeing photos of the people and their lives. Farming is vastly different there than it is here in midwestern Ontario!
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