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November 07, 2015 at 4:15 AM

Friday November 6th, 2015 - Machu Picchu

Today we photographed and explored the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. The weather was beautiful and it was an amazing experience. First thing this morning we took the 40 minute bus ride up the switch back roads to the remote mountain top where the ruins are located. We then explored the lower portion of the ruins before going even higher to the guard house with then leads to the Sun Gate. The views and images were amazing. 

Late this afternoon we took the train back to Cusco were we arrived around 8:30 this evening. We will be spending the day photographing at a few locations here in Cusco. Enjoy this evenings photos and good night from Peru.

The view from the bus as we traveled to the top of the mountain


Our first view and photographs of Machu Picchu as we entered the site


Nick and Donna stopping for a photograph


Our first view of the ruins, the clouds burned off fairly quickly


There are many Lama's located through out the ruins


An HDR B&W looking up towards the guard house in Machu Picchu


This gives you an idea of the switch back road that you have to travel to get to the top. Those lines you see in the trees is the road.


Ginny and Bonnie, sisters living on the edge


Ginny taking a selfie, it's a long way to the base of the mountain


Andrew enjoying the view


Laura and Dave posing for a shot ... today is their wedding anniversary, what a better location to celebrate the occasion. Happy Anniversary Laura and Dave.


James and Fidel, Fidel is our guide from here in Peru and it's great to work with you again


After we posed for the above photo we realized we had our photo taken here the same date last year when I was in Machu Picchu with a group.


Another view across the ruins, you can see the guard house at the top left, that's where we are headed next.


A chinchilla sunning himself on one of the walls this morning


Fidel having some fun ... using John's mono pod as a chin rest


Bonnie can sometimes be directionally challenged. By her own admission!


Looking up from below, Laura, Gweneth, Dave, Ginny, Bonnie, Karen and Andrew


Family photo with Bonnie, Karen and Ginny, Machu Picchu makes a great backdrop


A beautiful shot of Gweneth, 


John photographing on the edge ... 


Bonnie having some fun ... 


Photo bomber .... watch your step we are close to the edge >>>


Another view of the ancient ruins ... what an amazing day


Heading back to Cusco on the afternoon train, thank you Gweneth for the great image


That's it for todays photos, thanks for checking back each day as we travel. Tomorrow images from Cusco. Good night everyone from the Trekkers in Peru.



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Posted by Nancy on
What a magical place! Say hi to Fidel for me....
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