Machu Picchu Blog Entry November 8

November 08, 2014 at 9:06 PM

Machu Picchu - Our day in Cusco

Today we spent the day visiting and photographing at various locations in and around Cusco. We headed up to the Cusco Inca ruins which gives you a great view of the city and is very open so you want to be there at the cooler time of the day.

The focus of interest this morning at the ruins was the Alpaca. It is spring in South America and the mating rituals have begun. The dominate male is defending his honour to pick his female to mate with so there is a constant banter back and forth between the males. For a better word they wrestle themselves to the ground to protect the family jewels. You see to deter the other males when the dominate is wrestling with them he bites their testicles. Ouch ... hundreds of the male species that read just crossed their legs.

We then visited the look out where a large statue of Jesus Christ overlooks the city and is light up at night. We then wrapped up our day of shooting by visiting the Inca museum and the Basilica Cathedral. The Cathedral was a site to see but no photos were allowed. 

Early tomorrow morning our flight departs for Lima, where we will spend the day visiting and photographing different locations. Then tomorrow night our farewell dinner.

Enjoy the selection of images from our day in Cusco.

A baby Alpaca looking for mom


Now she’s happy


Another Alpaca by the drinking hole


This is the wrestling I was talking about in tonights write-up.


This little baby was curious to see Nancy was doing


Then the baby checked out my lens, very young and very curious


Here’s another shot of the wrestling


Running away in pain ... he’d get there faster if his wool was not in his eyes!!


The chase is on


Another wrestling match breaks out and the lady stands by to see the winner


Nancy and Monica made a Machu Picchu Sign from stones today at the ruins


Some babies were at the exit as we left the ruins


This is the large statue of Christ that overlooks Cusco


The over look at the statue


Zoomed in this is the square where our hotels is located


Check out the wool hats on these two, a very traditional hat


A long warm day for selling berries and drinks


These gals are from Paraguay and Bill thought he should be a good will ambassador and join in the photo. I’m starting to see a pattern here Bill.


Bill found the sister bar to Sarnia’s Paddy’s Pub, it was warm this afternoon and a great time to stop for a cold drink.


Nancy, Monica, Eugene and our guide Fidel as we said good bye to him today. It was great to have you join us and your knowledge of Peru was very helpful.


Our final shot of the evening as the sun set at the Cathedral


Now on to Lima, more images and stories tomorrow night. Good night from Cusco, Peru


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Posted by Gail Nichol on
Beautiful photos and I think Wally would like the baby Alpaca, just about his size too!!!!! LOL. Have fun, take care all.
Posted by Paul Garner on
When reading your introductory paragraph and saw "Spring mating rituals have started" I wasn't sure whether this was relating to the locals, the animals or both and was interested in seeing the photos of who was trying to damage whose genitals!!!!!!!
Posted by Shari on
The baby Alpaca are so cute. Great photos James. Looks like everyone is having a great time.
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Alpacas are the best - the only kind of wool socks I can wear. The weather looks fabulous, and so are the photos!!
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