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August 20, 2015 at 8:24 PM

Saturday August 15th: Wells and the Roman Baths of Bath

We are winding down with only two days left in our tour and have started to head more northward ending up today in Swindon. 

Today we visited the smallest city in England Wells, the streets were filled with Saturday markets, buskers and plenty of food to sample. We visited Wells Cathedral then continued on to Bath. While in Bath we visited the ancient site of the Roman Baths which are situated under a hot spring that is still flowing to this day. We had plenty of time to explore the ruins and exhibit.

Tomorrow we will be spending the day visiting the Cotswolds. Enjoy todays photos.

The colourful markets of Wells this morning


Not many castles have moats full of water, so this was great to see


A Dalek working the street for those Dr. Who fans


Wells Cathedral, image by Tammy Beveridge


The cathedral was beautiful inside


The choir and massive pipe organ


This small chapel was located in the back of the main alter, beautiful stained glass windows


The early afternoon sun


Gail, Ruth and Tammy standing under this massive arch, gives you an idea of the size


The cloister grave yard


One of the many statues surrounding the ancient roman baths in Bath


This roman citizen was greeting everyone as they toured the baths


Looking down into the roman baths, all this water is hot spring fed. The water is were street level would have been centuries ago


A model of the complex that was buried in a mud slide centuries ago


As the site was excavated they found many remains


This tin mask would have been work during precessions in roman times


Still located under the current structors you can see the ancient walls that surrounded the baths


Another view of the foundations found underground, again during roman times would have been street level


The springs still flow today and were rediscovered when water appeared in a building basement


You can see the aqua ducts that carried the water to the various pools in the baths


One of the many pools that would have been used by roman citizens



Some of the surrounding buildings at the baths


Another view that gives you an idea of how much of the structure is now underground


One of the largest indoor pools, so amazing to see


 That's it for todays photos and blog. Tomorrow and our last day in England we will be visiting several of the small and very photographic villages that make up the Cotswolds. Good night from Swindon, England.




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