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November 17, 2016 at 6:50 PM

Wednesday Nov 16th, 2016 - Mandalay to Monywa the 1000 Buddha Forest

This morning we checked out of our hotel in Mandalay and traveled via our motor coach to Monywa. Monywa is the second biggest town in Upper Myanmar and serves as a major trade centre for agricultural produce from the surrounding Chindwin Valley, especially in beans and palm sugar. We visted the Monywa dome pagoda and then Thanboddhay Pya, where every surface inside and out is covered with miniature Buddha statues, almost 600,000 in total. 

Later in the afternoon we visited Buddha Tataung, a grove of banyan trees with a 1000 Buddha’s resting at the foot of each tree. Then on to Shwe Gu Ni Paya to see the giant reclining Buddha, perched atop of the hillside. We will be staying in this region for the next two nights. Below is todays selection of images.

This is the Jade pagoda, it holds 4 Jade Buddha statues valued at 2 Million each.


Entrance to Monywa Pagoda, Tammy, Ann and Wendy in foreground.


Pottery for sale.


So many fabrics.


Family lunch inside the pagoda grounds.


James ringing the bell at the pagoda.


This is Monywa pagoda..


Ken trying on a Longuy, a traditional mens garb of Myanmar.


Selling saffron.


Great reflections, Ken in the background.


Vender in the doorway of pagoda.


Oxen and cart as we traveled through the country side.


It’s a dogs life.


Treats in the market.


Loading goods to take to the market.


Ken lends a helping hand.


Flowers outside the pagoda.


Inside the pagoda of 600,000 Buddha the shelves are lined with them.


Lady at the alter of one of the many large Buddha inside the pagoda.


As you can see they are row after row.


This is the Tiger Balm house. The company has long since moved to Singapore, but they donated the building and fund free health care.


More inside the pagoda of 600,000 Buddha.


An HDR B&W shot with a 11mm slightly distorted but gives an idea of the size.


Every corridor is filled with them.


This isi the outside of the pagoda, even 10’s of thousands on the outside.


The forest of a 1,000 banyan trees and Buddha.


Up Close!


Nancy steps in for a shot.


This is the giant reclining Buddha the standing Buddha towers over the valley. All the dark squares are windows to look out from the different shrines inside.


Yet another big Buddha is under construction close by.


Now to the top. Alexa takes a motor taxi. She tells me first time on a motor bike.


This is the view once you reach the hill top.


Here’s looking at you!


This gives you an idea of the size.


This is looking up the elevator shaft that takes you to the top.


Alexa in one of the many chambers inside the giant Buddha.


This monk was sitting and looking up at the giant Buddha near the stairs to the entrance.


That’s a wrap on todays postings. Tomorrow we visit the caves that are filled with Buddha statures dating back many years. Good night from Myanmar.


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Posted by Jette on
Is the colourful material dyed with natural dyes? Would love some of that for sure! U6 tTLh
Posted by Brian B. on
Nancy, looks like you're having too much fun. Enjoy it because we are expecting snow on Sunday.
Posted by Joan St. Marie on
Nancy - did you think of me when you saw all that material???? What a wonderful day you have had today!!
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