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August 28, 2016 at 11:51 AM

August 28th, 2017 Panning for Gold, Dawson City

This morning’s mist was slow to burn off adding to the atmosphere as we photographed at Hillside Cemetery, which was established in 1898. People of all faiths and from many nations rest here. From wooden headstones and Victorian-style iron cribs to an aircraft propeller, the grave markings are diversified as the people who a buried here. On our way back into town, we stopped at Robert Service’s cabin. The cabin contains many of Services possessions just as they were when he left. 

Yesterday we saw the paddle wheel graveyard from the Klondike Spirit and today we walked up the beach and explored this unique historical site up close. The boats are falling in on each other and the vegetation is gradually reclaiming them. Although they provide an interesting photo opportunity, it is a sad sight to see these workhorses of the Yukon falling apart. 

The morning mist finally lifted and we were treated to a spectacular view of Dawson before we crossed back over the Yukon River for lunch.

This afternoon, we travelled down Bonanza Creek to Discovery Claim where gold was first in 1896. This sparked the Yukon Gold Rush of 1989.

Just a couple of kilometers up the road from Discovery Claim is Dredge #4. This was the largest wooden dredge ever built and was built by Joe Boyle, a native of Woodstock, Ontario. The dredge was in use up until it was severely damaged by ice and flooding in 1960. It is presently being restored by Parks Canada.

Claim 33 is a small private collection of artifacts and equipment all related to gold mining. It gave us a chance for afternoon refreshments while we wandered through the outdoor exhibits.

Returning from Bonanza Creek, we again visited Midnight Dome to take in the day-time view from this 887 metre (2911 ft) high mountain overlooking the town site. 

Hillside Cemetery


Victorian-Style Grave Crib, many are of iron, but this one is wood.


Don’t fall in Albert!


Robert Service’s Cabin. The former homes of Jack London and Pierre Burton are just up the street.


Godfrey fording a stream on our way to the paddle wheel graveyard.  Kwang gives a hand while Claude, Deb, Val and Sim offer moral support. 


Paddle Wheel graveyard. The large smoke stack on the right is only held up by the wire cable.


Paddle Wheel graveyard. Because they were beached tight against each other, as they collapse it become hard to tell the boats apart.


Paddle Wheel graveyard.


Sim Kwang, Deb and Jeff, our coach driver walking along the beach.


At Discovery Claim Deb and Bill took a few minutes to enjoy the peaceful setting.


Afternoon visit to Dredge #4


How the dredge works.


The buck-boom stretching out ahead of Dredge #4


Our guide explaining how gold was extracted with Sue and Kwang in the background.


Working the gears inside the dredge.


One of the many vehicles at Claim 33.


Part of the instrument cluster of a McLaughlin Motor Car built in Oshawa.


Sue, Betty Ann, Danny and Albert enjoying a view of the Yukon River from Midnight Dome.


As the first leg of our journey draws to an end, here are a few images for some of our guests. Thanks Betty Ann, Claude, Kwang and Albert for sharing your images ...

The view looking south out of Dawson.

Day4Blog-1 BettyAnn-1 IMG_1401.JPG

The mist lifted just as we were finishing up at the paddle wheel graveyard.

Day4Blog-2 BettyAnn-2 IMG_1431.JPG

The Klondike Spirit before the morning mist has lifted.

Day4Blog-3 Claude Spirit of Klondike 2.jpg

The Klondike Spirit on one of its daily tours.

Day4Blog-5 Claure Spitit of Klondike.jpg

The government ferry that take walk-on and vehicle traffic across the Yukon River and on to Alaska.

Day4Blog-6 Kwang Dawson,Yukon (1 of 1).jpg

Another View from Midnight Dome.

Day4Blog-7 Kwang Dawson,Yukon 2 (1 of 1).jpg

Fox Lake, about an hour north of Whitehorse.

Day4Blog-8 Albert Z YU2_4498 resized.jpg

Another View of Fox Lake.

Day4Blog-9 Albert Z YU2_4527 resized.jpg

Bill and Jeff planning the group photo at Montague.

Day4Blog-10 Claude Bill & Jeff.jpg 

Thanks for the photos Benny-Ann, Kwang, Claude and Albert ... with the sky turning overcast and a poor forecast for the Aurora, we decided to call it a night. Tomorrow we head back to Whitehorse.  Goodnight from all the Trekkers in Dawson City.


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Posted by Brian on
Very interesting and somewhat unusual images. Not something you see without going on a tour like this. Deb are your images taken with you mirrorless camera?
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Sue - you found a graveyard!! Have you recited the cremation of Sam McGee yet?
Posted by Jim on
Awesome photos, and great to hear about your trek so far!
Posted by Donna and Susan on
Thanks for sharing, all the photos are beautiful.
We can hardly wait to get there!
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