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August 29, 2016 at 7:15 PM

August 28th, 2016 Capturing the Aurora & Dawson City to Whitehorse

The sun was still shining as we started our trip south to Whitehorse. Our first stop was at the beginning of the Dempster Highway.  Started in 1959, the Dempster was eventually completed to Inuvik in 1979 and has recently been extended to Tuktoyaktuk. Except for the first 5 kms, the 870 km highway is all gravel. It is the only highway in Canada to cross the Arctic Circle.

A little farther south we stopped to enjoy the view over the Tintina trench. Beneath the trench lies a fault line that separated about 8 million years ago forming this wide valley or trench. The trench extends northwestward into Alaska.

 A lunch stop at Moose Creek Lodge offered more photo opportunities, as well as homemade butter tarts. Mmmm!

Our final stop of the day was at Five Finger Rapids to take more photos with different weather and lighting conditions from what we encountered on the way north. 

Enjoy the selection of images including some that our photographer guests have created over the last few days.

You requested more pictures of the follies, so here you go… thank you Albert Mok


Another, yes we can can!


Yukon River near Dawson City.


An interpreter at the Robert Service Cabin answers questions and reads poetry.


The paddle wheel graveyard. Thanks for the images Godfrey.


At 3 a.m. this morning, Kwang stepped outside and discovered that the sky had cleared and the Aurora was visible. Thanks Kwang for sharing your images.

Northern Lights at 3 am in Dawson City.


Kwang’s persistence paid off.


Several of the group learning more about the Dempster Highway.


Photographing the Klondike River from the bridge.


The first 5 kilometers of the Dempster are paved. Thanks for sharing these images Claude.


Some people cycle all or part of the Dempster.


The interpretive signs here at the Tintina Trench are typical of those that the Yukon government has placed at historic or geographical points of interest. 


Danny enjoying the view at Tintina Trench.


One of the locals, watching us drive by.


The deer showed no fear and even seemed curious about us.


The restaurant and gift shop at Moose Creek Lodge.


No cell phone coverage here. Using the phone here gives new meaning to a long distance call.


“Claude, there’s a mosquito on your back”


View of the bridge at the Selkirk First Nation village of Pelly Crossing, which is about half way between Dawson and Whitehorse.


Five Finger Rapids.


Tomorrow morning offers some leisure time and in the afternoon we’ll explore Whitehorse.  Although the forecast for the next few days is calling for overcast skies, we’ll be watching for breaks in the cloud and another chance to photograph the northern lights.  Goodnight from all the Trekker photographers now back in Whitehorse. 


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Posted by Brian on
I always heard the mosquitos were big there, but I had no idea! Awesome scenery and pictures.
Posted by Brian on
I always heard the mosquitos were big there, but I had no idea! Awesome scenery and pictures.
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