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August 31, 2016 at 4:39 PM

August 30th, 2016 - Whitehorse  Dam, Miles Canyon & Wildlife Reserve

This morning we visited the Whitehorse fish ladder. It is the longest wooden fish ladder in the world. Glass windows in a viewing area allow you to see salmon, grayling and trout as they make their way up the ladder past the Whitehorse Dam. 

The Whitehorse Dam, completed in 1958, produces hydroelectric power for the surrounding area. Schwatka Lake is the reservoir formed by the dam and is home to the Whitehorse Water Aerodrome. 

Our next stop was a few kilometers upriver at Miles Canyon. During the Klondike Gold Rush, the North-West Mounted Police regulated the river traffic, to ensure travellers were competent at the helm and the boats seaworthy. Still many lost their lives shooting the rapids. The river is now about 10 metres (33 feet) higher and much less turbulent than before the dam was built. In 1922, the 85-foot-long Robert Lowe Suspension Bridge was built across the narrowest and most dramatic part of the canyon.

We spent the afternoon touring the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, which offers a unique opportunity to view wildlife in their natural environment. 

In the late 1960’s Danny and Uli Nowlan started the Yukon Game Farm, which concentrated on propagating northern species of hoofed animals. They also bred indigenous species of falcons and raised other orphaned mammals. When the Nowlans decided to retire, there was a strong lobby to convince the government of the value of this facility and eventually in 2004 the Yukon Territorial Government finalized the purchase and the Yukon Wildlife Preserve began a new era.

Thirteen species of northern Canadian mammals make this 700-acre property their home.  The preserve fosters an appreciation of arctic and boreal ecology through education, conservation and research excellence. Our interpreter, Lindsay, made the visit so much more than just a great photo experience.  Enjoy todays images.

Our first image of the day ... Our Yukon group is a little confused this evening ... They are not sure if they found the Yukon Alpha Male or Donald Trump of the Northwest! Thanks Albert Mok for the fun shot.


Admiring the artwork at the fish ladder.


Fish ladder running up beside the outflow from the dam.


One of the viewing ports for watching the fish as they swim up the ladder


The Whitehorse Dam


The safety buoys just above the dam


A departing Cessna


Miles Canyon from the lookout


One of the narrower sections of Miles Canyon


Deb taking a photo from the Bridge


Imagine the water 10 metres lower than this before the dam was built


Some of the paths take you quite close to the cliff edge


Our visit to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve started here


Mule Deer


The local ground squirrels get quite fat on the dropped feed supplements.


Two of their Thinhorne Sheep bucks


The compounds provide natural grazing areas


When we came up this mountain goat jumped up on the rock and looked over at us as if to say come take my picture… so we did.


This Woodland Caribou is just starting to loose the velvet on his antlers


One of the three moose currently staying here


Eye to eye with the bull moose


Little Red Fox


Selfie time for Betty Ann


Nice set of antlers Claude


Now it’s Albert’s turn


Tomorrow we head west to Haines Junction and Kluane Lake.  Stay tuned for more images from our guests in the next few days. 

Goodnight from Whitehorse.


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Posted by Erla McCormick on
AMAZING photos everyone. The Yukon is a great place for nature photos.
Posted by Erla McCormick on
AMAZING photos everyone. The Yukon is a great place for nature photos.
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Now that muskoxen is one hairy coo
Posted by Barry on
Another day of great photos. I'm really enjoying the blog.
Posted by Maureen on
Looks like a good time is being had by everyone.
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