Yukon Photo Tour Final Post Blog Sept 5 2016

September 07, 2016 at 3:33 PM

September 4 Yukon Final Blog Post "We're Heading Home"

After a leisurely morning to have breakfast and pack, we met the bus to take us to the airport. Because we were a little early, a side trip to Fish Lake gave us one last chance to photograph eagles. Thanks to Claude for finding this spot. 

It was then off to the airport for check-in. After checking in, we went next door to the Yukon Transportation Museum. Through its artifacts and displays, the museum tells the story of the people who shaped the Yukon as they forged their way by foot, boat and train. It recounts tales of the early bush pilots struggling to make community access easier and of the people that shaped the Alaska Highway.  A unique feature at the entrance to the museum is a DC3 mounted as a weather vane. Built in 1942, this aircraft is painted in the colours of Canadian Pacific Airlines, who operated it for 15 years. It only takes a 5-knot (9 km/hr) wind to turn this large aircraft. 

Some of the Trekkers walked a short distance to the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre. 

Beringia is the name given to a large area stretching from Siberia to the Yukon. It includes the prehistoric land bridge that connected Asia and North America. What makes this area unique is that during the ice ages, it was not glaciated, but instead consisted largely of grasslands that supported a wide range of animals. It is believed that the human migration from Siberia to this area occurred 12,000 years ago. Enjoy this selection of our last day in the Yukon.

Fall Colours along Fish Lake road

Day 12-1.jpg

A male bald eagle beside the road near Fish Lake

Day 12-2.jpg

DC3 Weather Vane outside the Yukon Transportation Museum

Day 12-3.jpg

Part of the rail display

Day 12-4.jpg 

Some of the large equipment used for carrying equipment and supplies

Day 12-5.jpg

Deb and Val give some scale to this machine

Day 12-6.jpg

The Cassiar Asbestos Corp. operated an asbestos mine in the now-closed company mining town of Cassiar, BC.

Day 12-7.jpg

Betty Ann, Deb and Albert listen as our guide tells us the history behind some of the artifacts

Day 12-8.jpg

Volunteers are slowly rebuilding this aircraft

Day 12-9.jpg

Although they have not been fully restored, many of the vehicles are in running condition

Day 12-10.jpg

Beringia is located next door to the Yukon Transportation Museum

Day 12-11.jpg

There are several skeletal artifacts on display

Day 12-12.jpg

The museum has several dioramas depicting what life would have been like in this area during the last ice age

Day 12-13.jpg 

This diorama gives us a glimpse into the lives of ice age people at Bluefish Caves, about 30km southwest of Old Crow.

Day 12-14.jpg 

Where Legends Meet – artwork in the courtyard of Beringia

Day 12-15.jpg

A last look at the Whitehorse dam and fish ladder as we head home.

Day 12-16.jpg

Let’s end with more shots of the Aurora. Thanks for sharing these three images Val.

Day 12-17.jpg

Day 12-18.jpg

Day 12-20.jpg

The Trekkers arrived home Monday morning after an overnight flight via Vancouver and Toronto. Thank you to our coach driver, Jeff, for all your help during our visit. And a special thanks to the Trekkers who joined us in the Yukon, you are a great group to travel with.

That’s it for the Yukon Blog; thanks for following our journey.

Be it near or far, enjoy your travels wherever they may take you.

Deb & Bill


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