China Blog Day 6

June 22, 2018 at 2:36 AM


China Day 6- June 20th, 2018 Cruise on the River Li

This morning we were up early and traveled to the River Li were we took a 4 hour boat cruise through some of the most beautiful mountain you have ever seen. It was a little misty but that seemed to add to the photo opportunities today. We traveled to Yangshu, then disembarked and spent time exploring the streets. We meet several groups of local students that were working on a scavenger hunt and one item was photos with people from another country. It was great fun for pictures and the students were interested in chatting about where we were from and themselves too. It was a great afternoon. Tomorrow we head into the mountains to visit Dragon Back which is a series of rice fields situated high on the mountain range. Below is the link to the images from our river cruise and visit to Yangshu. 

Click on the gallery link below to see todays photos.


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Posted by Tom McClacherty on
Looks like you're taking great care of my brother Rob.
On blog 6 I see him with 3 young ladies. On Blog 7 I see him at an outside table with fellow travellers.... and glasses of beer, Lol!
Posted by Linda Khanna on
What great photos James. I'm enjoying every day
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