India Day 4

May 05, 2019 at 4:59 PM


India May 4th Day 5
Ranthambore Tigers Up-close and Personal 

Searching for tigers during two safaris today at the beautiful Ranthambore National Park. On both safaris we searched a vast area and we rewarded with two sessions with an amazing 2 ½ year-old female tiger.

In the morning she was resting, then walked directly towards our safari vehicles, walking within 2 meters of us!  It did raise the heart rate just a tad.  The light, her size and beauty was a sight to behold –close up! She settled into a very small puddle, still not evaporated by the dry season, laying down and lapping up some of the water.  

It was quite an experience, only to be matched by our afternoon visit where we watched her eat a recent kill of a deer.  She carefully watched us as we watched her eat and drag the meal into a protected stone nook.  

During our travel through the park we were in awe of the natural beauty of Ranthambore.  The stone walled fortress atop the peak, lakes, valleys and endless creatures, such as the Sloth Bear, Mongoose, Deer, Antelope, and countless birds.  Although the tiger was the highlight she was only part of the magically time we have experience in India,   We are back tomorrow for two more safaris as we search for more the treasures of Ranthambore.

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