India Day 6

May 06, 2019 at 1:15 AM


India May 5th
Nature…and Five Tigers!

Five Tigers.  It was simply an unbelievable day of photo adventure and nature.  We started the day intending to slow down the pace, shoot some of the diversity of wildlife and birds in Ranthambore National Park.  We did, but also unbelievably had sightings and photos of Five Tigers!.

We had hoped to see some of the cubs today, but we had talked about any tigers being a “bonus” to the spectacular, nature and the historic 13th century Fort.   We found Tiger T-84 “Arrow-Head” mother of 5 ½ month old cubs, far off in a river canyon, resting under an overhang.  Her cubs that are fairly large already were not with her.  A tiger is a tiger and we were happy to see her for a short time before she moved on.  

In our day of traveling the park, word of tiger sightings spreads quickly.  We raced to a location where two older cubs had been spotted.   We arrived just as one cub was waking away from our viewing area.  Its sibling was resting on a canyon wall behind bushes and cactus but with some great shuffling of our vehicles we got some great shots.  It eventually walked away and wandered in the field of tall grass and cover, making clear shots very difficult.  The tiger cub did come out into clear areas occasionally and once chased a rabbit.  In eventually walked quite far from us, and it’s mother Arrowhead appeared, and the two disappeared in the deeper cover.


Finding five tigers in one day was beyond our wildest expectations.  The photos were much harder to create than our first Ranthambore sighting, but to now have viewed so many tigers, seven in total on the trip we feel extremely fortunate.  

We still have one more day at this special park with morning and afternoon safaris, anything else we find truly is simple a bonus.

 Click here to see the tigers from todays adventure


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