Mont Tremblant Fall Tour Sept 27 /12

September 27, 2012 at 10:14 PM

Mont Tremblant Photo Tour Sept 27, 2012 Day One
London, Ont to Montebello, Quebec

We departed London at 8:00 a.m. this morning and had a beautiful sunny motor coach drive to Montebello, Quebec.

We made several stops on the way today including a very interesting start to the tour as the group was only a few minutes off the bus for lunch when they found this most interesting Water Bug.  Well there goes the schedule .... out came the cameras and I think it is safe to say he is the most photographed bug in Ontario.  Hey but that's what we are here for ...

When we reached Ottawa and crossed into Hull, Quebec we stopped at the Museum of Civilization ... not to become more civilized but to go behind the museum as it offfers of a beautiful view the Parliament Buildings from the river side.  We spent about 50 minutes checking out the area around the museum and the water front.  I happy to report Parliament Buildings 50 minutes Water Bug 25 minutes.  So the day was balanced out.

Once we got to Montebello we settled into our hotel and then some of the group met in the restaurant beside our hotel for dinner.  After dinner an interesting conversation started about how you see an image and the importantce of framing it to get the message to your viewer.  It was a great to see everyone so interested.  

One of the things we talked about was taking a common or well know subject and making it an origional or your own.  I commented that I saw a few images some of the group shot of the parliament buildings that they really made their own.  It was by using these sculptures that were actually made for and displayed at expo 67 and now an exhibit at the Museum of Civilization.  Gail N and Tom H had talked about it and say a creative way to use the art work to frame the parliament buildings from across the river it was the best images I saw today.  Great work Gail and Tom the images are posted below.

Well that's the update for our travel day, we are up and on our way to Park Omega first thing in the morning, so check back tomorrow night for some great wild life images.

Good night from the Photo Trekkers and James and Montebello, Quebec,

Not off the bus five minutes and they are taking photos.  Tom, Cluadia, Kerry and Alyosha.

This is what has caught their attention.  An Ontario Water Bug ... 

Welcome to Ottawa, an HDR of Parliament Buildings from the museum of Civilization.

Harold and Betty checking things out from a higher view point.

Hilary taking a shot of the museum, Welcome Hilary this is her first trek with us.

OK ... I had to include one clasic view of the Parliament buildings.

Rowing practice on the Ottawa River near the Parliament buildings.

These are the interesting sculptures on the side lawn of the museum, I was speaking about.
These pieces of Art were first created and on display at Expo '67
Here's Tom looking for that interesting angle .. look closley and you will see Gail to the right behind one of the pieces ...
And putting their heads together they found that unique angle of a well know subject.  This is definately the pic of the day.  Congratulation Gail and Tom.
That's it for this evening .... more fun and photos from Montebello, Quebec tomorrow.
Link to Sept. 28th Blog Entry - Park Omega


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